Making an impact We help businesses and organisations to make an educational, business and social impact - establishing a virtuous circle that makes our work the most effective in the education market


Our education impact

Our work always aims for educational excellence. The team we have here is broad in skills but rich in educational expertise. We start with the question “How can we make the best educational impact?” We work out how to make it relevant for the curriculum, what is the expertise that the client can add through real-life experience, and we take an approach that is always collaborative internally and externally.

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Our business impact

EdComs began in 1995 and we have since worked with some 280 businesses on educational programmes. Most of this work is UK-focused, but some programmes run internationally, for example Google and Standard Chartered. Clients stay with us because what we do works. We have worked with BP and RBS for more than 10 years, helping them to devise and run programmes that have had enormous impact in schools.

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Our social impact

We are believers in education. That belief comes from the people who are part of EdComs and from the experience and excitement we constantly derive from education. Education can be a great leveller, enabling people and communities to achieve more of their potential. Programmes such as that delivered for KPMG specifically target schools in areas of deprivation and aim to raise aspirations.

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