Our education impact

Our work always aims for educational excellence. The team we have at EdComs is broad in skills but rich in educational expertise. We start with the question ‘How can we make the best educational impact?’ We work out how to make it relevant for the curriculum, what is the expertise that the client can add through real-life experience, and we always take an approach that is collaborative internally and externally.

The team has a creative input and we conduct research and involve teachers at all stages. And of course our clients play a big role in briefing and developing the programmes that we devise.

The programmes can take any form from online to print, award schemes to live performances. What matters is achieving the best educational impact. And our research, as well as feedback from schools and clients, tells us that we succeed.

A good example of our work is Get Set which we deliver for the British Olympic Association and British Paralympic Association. Get Set is currently being used across more than 24,000 primary, secondary and other schools across the UK, and the programme has reached over 5 million young people.

  • Get Set continues to have a positive impact on students’ participation, as well as their behaviour inside and outside the classroom
  • 62% of schools said that Get Set has had a positive impact on PE and sport in their school
  • Over three-quarters of teachers see an improvement in students’ aspirations, teamwork, motivation and confidence
  • Two thirds believed that Get Set has positively changed pupils’ attitudes towards disability

“Get Set has raised aspirations for attainment in a variety of subjects and has helped to develop leadership through the power of sport.”
Teacher, Dyke House Sports and Technology College

To find out more contact our Creative Director, Phil Clarke.