Our social impact

We are believers in education. That belief comes from the people who are part of EdComs and from the experience and excitement we constantly derive from education. Education can be a great leveller, enabling people and communities to achieve more of their potential.

Programmes such as that delivered for KPMG specifically target schools in areas of deprivation and aim to raise aspirations with all elements of the population, particularly with girls and those from BAME backgrounds. Through programmes such as the Samsung Digital Classroom we can give young people greater access to technology than is normally made available, opening students’ eyes to wider horizons. Our educational programmes linked to STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) open up those vital subjects for children who had previously seen them as beyond reach.

We are always encouraged when we see the effect of our work on communities in and around the schools we work with. Our work really makes a difference in widening young people’s horizons.

“More than 75% of young people believe that they have stronger relationships with their community as a result of Get Set to Make a Change. 88% of people who have attended projects or events run by young people on the programme say that, as a result, they have a more positive perception of young people.”
Taken from research on impact of EdComs work for British Olympic Association

For further detail on the impact of EdComs’ work for KPMG, Samsung and the British Olympic and Paralympic Associations, please contact Liz Watts, Research and Consultancy Director.